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Using the New Construction Installation Method for your San Diego, CA Windows & Doors


A new construction installation method of a window or door is utilized when:ply_gem_premium_series_double_hung

  • The home, addition, or remodel is first constructed and the framing members are exposed.
  • There has been extensive water damage, dry-rot, termite damage and/or structural damage.
  • There is stucco damage and/or repair is required.
  • The dimensions of the existing opening(s) are being altered and/or moved.

A window or door that is installed with a new construction application typically utilizes a nail-fin.  The nail-fin is recessed back approximately 1″ (1-3/8″ if sheer wall is used) from the exterior face of the window or door.  Fasteners are nailed or drilled through the nail-fin into structural framing members that comprise the opening. In addition to a nail-fin, the installation also requires flashing paper that is applied in weather-board fashion. A sealant or caulking is applied on top of and behind the nail-fin. The flashing paper is integrated into the building paper to create a water-proof membrane around the home. Clear Concepts Window & Door employs methods articulated by the specific manufacturer and A.A.M.A, ensuring the window or door is properly installed and sealed.