What to Consider When Purchasing Your Replacement Windows

While shopping for new windows for your San Diego home, it’s easy to get caught up in the look and feel of new window models. While replacement windows can be the ideal way to add some extra flair to your home, there are a number of other factors that should be considered prior to making your purchase. After all, replacement windows are not a light investment, and your decision on which windows you purchase can affect the comfort, security and monthly expenses associated with your home. To help ensure you bring home quality replacement windows you’ll love, we have put together a short list of factors to keep in mind while “window shopping”.

  1. Know Which Material You Prefer

The material of your windows could be considered one of the most important decisions you’ll make throughout the buying process. Not only will the material help determine the life span of you windows, but it will also help determine any additional benefits you may receive from your windows such as energy efficiency and weather resistance. The four most common materials found on the market today are aluminum, wood, vinyl, and fiberglass. While each has their own set of benefits and disadvantages, it’s important to align your options with the specific needs of your home.

  1. 2.      Know Your Budget

While many homeowners enter the showroom floor with their short term budget in mind (the amount of money they are willing to invest up front in their windows), few have incorporated their long term budget into their plans. Your long term budget is the additional costs that will be required over the life time of your windows, including expenses like touch ups, repairs, maintenance, and eventually replacements. Each window model and material comes with a different level of upkeep, meaning the long term costs of each window will also vary.

  1. 3.      Know What Didn’t Work with Your Previous Windows

Perhaps you are now replacing your windows due to a broken glass or major frame damage. It’s still wise to consider what you didn’t like about your windows prior to the need for a replacement. Did you wish your windows were more energy efficient? That they offered better security? Or maybe they just didn’t allow enough light to enter your home? Having a clear idea of what did and didn’t work with your previous windows will give you clarity on what you should look for in your replacement windows Del Mar, CA.

Replacing your windows can be a fun and exciting time, especially if you’re being assisted by a professional throughout the process. At Clear Concepts Window & Door, our team of experts have helped over 10,000 happy customers find the perfect windows for their home and are ready to help you do the same. If you are ready to speak with a professional and schedule your free, in-home, no pressure consultation, give us a call at 619-583-7171 or visit us in person at 7525 Mission Gorge Rd. Suite G, San Diego, CA 92120.


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