Why You Need Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Efficient Windows San Diego

Are you remodeling or designing a new home in San Diego, CA, or the surrounding areas? As you may already know, choosing the right windows for your project is important. In fact, this decision will largely influence the overall look and value of your home.

Beyond your desired homeaesthetic andvalue, have you considered the importance of selecting energy efficient windows? At Clear Concepts Window & Door, we proudly use windows rated highly for their energy efficiency. Specifically, we love the cost-savings it provides our clients as well as the positive impact energy efficient windows have on our environment.

Cost-savings & additional resale value
High-quality, energy efficient windows in San Diego can save you money each month on your heating and air conditioning bill. If you’re in the market for new or replacement windows, why not choose those which will lighten your monthly utility costs? Further, they will add greater value to your home which boosts your price-point with potential home buyers. Buyers want to know the home they are considering will provide them the best of everything: look, durability, and savings.

Tree-hugging & air safety begin with windows
When you choose an energy efficient window from Clear Concepts Window & Door, you are choosing to take a stand for better air quality in San Diego and for your family. Thermally sound windows reduce your home’s CO2 emissions in the long run. Inversely, they act as barriers from outdoor smog, smoke, and air pollution so you can breathe clean air indoors.

You deserve a comfortable space
No one likes to be too cold or too warm indoors. The windows you choose for your next building or remodeling project will determine whether you have consistent or fluctuating temperatures throughout the house. Ever noticed one room that feels much warmer than an adjacent room? Does it feel like your furnace is running non-stop throughout the winter months or that the air conditioner is working overtime during the summer? This could be because your current or outdated windows are not designed for energy efficiency.

This is an established, international rating guideline for energy performance known by its “blue star.” When you see this associated with a specific window or window line, you know it meets a very specific set of standards regarding energy performance (U-Factor and SHGC are carefully considered).

Protection for your skin & furniture
Relatively new window technology now protects the interior of your home—and the people you love—from UV rays. This means that your skin and furniture surfaces are safe from harmful rays! Ask our staff about “low-E” coating for your new, energy efficient windows.

We know you are probably excited and overwhelmed with your pending window project and we can not wait to meet with you for a free consultation to help you get started! Clear Concepts Window & Door has been serving the San Diego area for more than 25 years. There isn’t a window installation project we can’t do. Our reputation for quality, sound craftsmanship, and beautiful products is something in which we take deep pride. Call us today and let’s make your home beautiful and energy efficient together!


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