Double-Pane Windows And Your San Diego Abode

San Diego Double Pane Windows

The most common decision to make when replacing home windows is whether to choose single- or double-pane. If your budget allows, the best advice I can give is this: go with double-pane. There are simply too many benefits to choosing double-pane windows to list them all, but we hope you will consult this short guide created just for you by our team here at Clear Concepts Window & Door before moving forward with your next window installation project!

What is a double-paned window?
Double-pane windows are comprised of two pieces of glass with a bit of space between them. In this space is either air or gas, which creates added insulation.

Noise Reduction
Live in a busy neighborhood or downtown? What about those of you homeowners near the San Diego International Airport? It can get loud, can’t it? Double-pane windows are the best sound-proofing you will ever add to your home! Ask a professional at Clear Concepts Window & Door about this option with our various premier window manufacturers. Some have entire window lines dedicated to acoustic performance! Though we do offer very high-quality single-pane windows, they simply will not reduce outdoor noises as thoroughly as our double-pane window options.

UV Ray Protection
This is important, especially here in sunny California. Double-pane windows will offer added protection from the damaging sun rays. UV rays will affect your skin’s health as well as fade your carpets, flooring, and furniture! (For even more protection from the sun’s UV rays, ask a Clear Concepts Window & Door team member about our “low-E” window glazing option!)

Environmentally friendly
We live in Southern California; as a demographic, we all tend to care a great deal for our environment. As we should! Won’t it feel rewarding to know you have chosen a window option that is environmentally friendly? San Diego Double-pane windows reduce the amount of CO2 emissions from your home into the atmosphere.

Comfortable temps, extended HVAC, and money savings!
With double-pane windows from Clear Concepts Window & Door, you will enjoy more comfortable, stable temperatures indoors (due to the added thermal protection this additional layer of glass on each window provides), longer-lasting furnace and air conditioning units (due to reduced “extra work” to stabilize temperatures indoors), and smaller bills on your heat and air throughout the year!

Top brands
We have years of dedication to our clients and feel very strongly about offering only the most quality brands of windows. With Clear Concepts Window & Door, you have your choice from the best of the best: from Ply Gem, Milgard, Vylex, Simonton, Solar Industries, T.M. Cobb, and Tru-Frame.

Want to learn more about double-pane windows and what benefits they will add to your home life? We’d love to chat! Give us a call or stop by our showroom Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm or Saturdays by appointment and let’s match your needs with our windows.

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