Benefits of Double Pane Windows

Double-pane windows can do a lot of things for any home in San Diego, CA. Especially if you are used to old, single-pane windows. Energy loss that comes from windows accounts for nearly 25% of your annual heating and cooling costs, according to the Department of Energy. There are steps you can take to lower that statistic in your home and double-pane windows are a big part of that. Here are just a few benefits of installing double pane windows in your San Diego, CA home.

Double-pane windows save money

Double pane windows, whether you choose vinyl or wood for the frame material, can reduce your energy usage by up to 24% in cold weather and 18% on a hot California day. When you compare that to an old, single pane window, it’s significant and it adds up as the months go by. That energy savings will show up on your utility bills very quickly and start to pay you back for your initial investment.

Double-pane windows have other technologies

There are a lot of technologically advanced products that go into a good double pane window. You will get energy savings anywhere from 30-50 percent just because you got double pane windows, though not all of the savings come from the panes themselves. IF you get energy efficient windows that are top of the line, your savings can go even higher.

Double-pane windows help the environment

Reducing the energy you use reduces your bills, but that’s not the only benefit. You will also burn fewer fossil fuels in your home and create fewer greenhouse gasses, which reduced your carbon footprint on the environment. That’s never a bad thing when you live in San Diego, CA.

Double-pane windows insulate the home from noise

There’s nothing worse than trying to relax and being disturbed by something outside. Double pane windows will reduce the outdoor noise pollution that gets into your home. They are a great investment in a number of ways and one of those ways is in the peace and quiet realm.

Double-pane windows help comfort

When you have double pane windows, it is easier to insulate your home and keep it at a comfortable temperature, both in the winter and the summer. You can expect to mess with your thermostat a lot less. You can keep the temperature consistent without any issues because of the extra layer of insulation. The glass is insulating, but the panes often have argon gas between them, which also protects the home.

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