Selecting Energy Efficient Windows

When your windows look old, start leaking air, and no longer function well, it’s time to look into new windows. Anything you get will likely be more energy efficient than what you already have, but how do you find highly energy efficient windows? In order to get the best deal on energy efficient windows in San Diego, it is good to know more about the labels and what they mean when you start the shopping process.

What Labels Matter

As you begin looking for energy efficient windows, you will notice that they all come with a variety of labels. The key is knowing which labels matter. All manufacturers are going to package their windows in a way that makes them look and sound good. That doesn’t mean they are the best option. The two labels you want to watch for are the blue and yellow Energy Star label, which comes from the US Department of energy, and the white National Fenestration Rating Council label. The Energy Star label specifies the climate zones the product has certification for so you won’t accidentally buy a window that is best in cold climates when you live in San Diego. The NFRC is the certifying body recognized by the industry to inspect both windows and doors. It reports raw numbers while Energy Star will tell you whether those numbers show superior performance or not.

Tax Credit Requirements

When you are looking at energy efficient windows, tax credits might be on your mind. IF you are investing in windows, you may as well get some money back on your taxes for getting something energy efficiency. In order to qualify for the credit, two of the NFRC measurements must be less than 0.3, no matter what climate. The two numbers are the U-factor and the solar heat gain coefficient. You also need to get a manufacturer’s statement that the product complies with the requirements the IRS has set forth.

Specific Ratings

The U-Factor will range anywhere from 0.20 to 1.20 and the lower the number, the better the energy efficient windows insulate your home. The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient ranges from 0 to 1 and again, the lower the number the better. When the numbers in these two areas are low, you have better insulation and lower solar radiation. There are a number of other gauges and ratings you can read and look into, but knowing these two will help your decision on energy efficient windows.

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