5 Tips For Selecting Your Dream Patio Door

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Okay, I’ve got the flowers and patio and furniture I’ve always wanted—I need a new, gorgeous patio door to go with it (this plain, cheap-looking one the home builder chose simply won’t do). How do I choose between sliding, swinging, French doors, accordion doors? What is an accordion door…?

Sound like you?

The crew at Clear Concepts Window & Door wants to help you zero-in on your dream patio door here in San Diego, CA. Follow these 5 tips for selecting the perfect patio door for your indoor/outdoor space!

Tip #1—French Doors & Swinging Doors for a Larger Space
French and swinging doors are perfect for larger spaces since they need extra room to swing open. That said, you will want to consider the space you have, the size and placement of furniture, and the right wall placement for your new door. We will happily modify if needed—just ask! If you are tight on space, for example, you have the option to choose one stationary panel and a single swinging door. Additionally, it is your decision which direction you want the doors to open (such a small detail, but may make all the difference in your choice)!

Tip #2—Choose a Durable and Low-Maintenance Option
Be honest, are you going to keep up with staining, sanding, or painting for your new patio door? No. And, even if you are the type to keep up with these things—you do not want to be required to do so. Vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass (which can mimic the look of wood) are all high-quality, beautiful, and low-maintenance options.

Tip #3—Spectacular View: Consider Accordion Doors
Accordion doors are exactly like they sound (to dispel confusion): they fold back and tuck into the wall, like an accordion. Love your view? Do you like to host dinner parties? These patio doors allow you to turn an indoor space into a completely open space to the outdoors.

Tip #4—Sliding Doors for a Clean Look
Sliding patio doors are very popular in San Diego (and everywhere, really). Their popularity comes from their versatility; they look good in any home, regardless of the interior or exterior aesthetic. Typically, this patio door has one stationary panel and one sliding door. This is a perfect option for a smaller area because there is no extra space needed between the door and furniture. Worried this option may be too plain? Ask your Clear Concepts Window & Door professional about our crown molding options!

Tip #5—Choose Wide Doorways (when possible)
For those San Diego homeowners who desire a strong connection with their outdoor living spaces, opt for a wide doorway. The larger pass-through adds grandeur and provides more natural light indoors. These days, we have many options for taller and wider doors which can stretch the length or height of your home’s walls, if you choose! We hope these tips help you select your dream patio door with Clear Concept Window & Door. Give us a call for your free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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