How Many Vinyl Windows Do You Need?

You’ve done a little research and you think it might be wise to replace some of the windows in your home with new vinyl windows. But how many do you need? You don’t want to invest in windows for the whole house if you don’t really need them. Take a look at these items to help you decide how many vinyl windows you really need.

-New Construction Vs. Replacement

Replacement vinyl windows are quicker, easier, and less expensive than new construction windows. If you window frames are rotting or damaged, they need to be replaced before you can put in vinyl windows. New construction windows cost 50-100% as much so you will need to keep that in mind when you budget for your vinyl windows.

-Energy Efficiency

You could very well get rebates and incentives for choosing Energy Star vinyl windows for your home. You will also get 10-25% off on your heating bills because of the extra insulation they provide. Keep that in mind as you think about how many vinyl windows you want to install. If you install one window, you save a little, if you install a whole house full, you get all that much more savings. When you calculate the savings over a decade or longer, it really adds up and makes more vinyl windows worth the cost.

-Bulk Discounts

Replacing windows for your entire house costs more than just replacing a few windows, but some companies offer discounts when you buy vinyl windows in bulk to replace windows in a whole house. Shop around for the best deals and enjoy the insulated, energy-efficient home that results.

-Window Needs

In order to determine how many vinyl windows you need, you have to assess each window in your house. Does one of them have a draft or do they all? If you replace one or two will the new vinyl windows blend in or will they make the old windows look like sore thumbs? Think about how many windows are too old to perform well and decide how many need to be replaced with new vinyl windows from there.

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