Are Vinyl Windows Right For Me?

Choosing new windows for your home can be a daunting task. There are so many options. And most of us don’t understand the pros and cons of window options. A window is a window, right?

Not exactly.

Clear Concepts Window & Door has been serving the San Diego and surrounding area for over 25 years. We know this city and our neighbors. We want you—our current and future clients—to understand exactly what to expect from our products including all the options available to you! Below, our team has constructed a vinyl windows “pros and cons” list so you feel more confident in your decision. It is, after all, your home.

Pro #1: Low Maintenance
Vinyl windows never require any stain, sanding, or paint. This is perfect for the family who knows exactly the color they want and has no interest in periodic maintenance.

Pro #2: Many Options
San Diego vinyl windows come in every option you could want: single hung, double hung, casements, awnings, etc. Often times, vinyl windows offer a wider variety of options within certain brands.

Pro #3: Thick Frames = Energy Efficiency!
Vinyl windows have slightly wider window frames and sashes than wooden or aluminum windows. This provides a better seal at the seams for a more superior insulation. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), thicker window frames can reduce energy bills by up to 15%! This is not only a benefit to your bank account over the year, but also a more responsible choice for the environment. Cheers to Going Green!

Pro #4: Durable and Weather Resistant!
Vinyl windows are known for their durability. It is virtually impossible to scratch or dent them. They will not rot, warp, rust, peel, dull, or flake due to weather or time. In most cases, this is the number one selling point and deciding factor for most vinyl window buyers.

Though many claim these windows are the perfect option for any San Diego home, there may be a few drawbacks, with regard to personal preference.

Con #1: Thick Frames = Less Visible Glass
We listed this as a pro, but thick frames and sashes are not everyone’s ideal. This detail does mean there is slightly less visible glass, due to the wider borders of the frames.

Con #2: Disguise
Advancements in accomplishing an exact match to wood are impressive; however, some will say they can detect the visible difference between the two. If you are restoring a vintage home and overall authenticity is of high importance, vinyl windows may not be for you.

Con #3: Unchangeable
Not ready to commit to a color or look for the next 15 years? Remember, with vinyl windows, you cannot paint to change your look. This is easily mitigated by choosing a timeless finish you are sure to love. But if you are the type who wants change every five years or so, we suggest looking into our many additional options!

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