To Replace Or Not To Replace: Windows

Windows are not designed to last forever. Even the best, most expensive brands will need to be replaced at some point. Knowing when to replace your windows is the key to ensuring you are not spending money unnecessarily or going too long between replacements and wasting money on energy costs.

These days, we all need our dollars to stretch just a bit further. Our team at Clear Concepts Window & Door has created this know-how list to ensure you understand the right time for replacement windows in San Diego and the right time to spend or save your hard-earned money!

Years Gone By
A good rule-of-thumb for replacement windows is to ask yourself: are my windows 15-20 years old? If so, it’s time. There is some variation in this timeframe. Well-maintained windows will last closer to 20 years, for example. However, any window older than 15 years old tends to be out of date. It breaks down in quality, depending on the material, and that degrades the thermal integrity.

Added Value
We all understand the concept of adding value to our homes, but how much credence do we really give this? Adding value is important for those looking to sell and for those looking to remain in our homes forever. Why? Well, for those looking to sell—that answer is easy: more value, more profit potential. If you are not looking to sell, it is still very important to pay attention to home value. Should there ever be a change in plans or a need to refinance and use your home’s equity, you will have a cushion for your family to use.

Advancements in Technology
Replacement window designs are better than ever. If it is time for you to discuss your options with our team, you will be learning about all the energy efficiency advancements on windows to date. You can expect huge improvements in both cost-saving benefits and style. Ask us about our Flush-Fin and Block-Fit applications.

Warning Signs
If you still feel uncertain about whether or not to replace your windows, pay attention to the warning signs! Do you see condensation or frost build up? Are your windows freezing to the touch during the winter or unbearably hot during the summer months? Do you feel drafts or see cracks in the window pane? All of these are signs you are in need of replacement windows.

Your Preference
There is one easy telltale that you’re overdue for replacement windows: they no longer work with your personal style! Many families choose the easiest, cheapest windows as new homeowners. We get it! But after 15-20 years have passed, our sense of style evolves, we are more established, and we are more financially able to choose the windows we love!

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