Patio Doors For Your San Diego Home

Imagine for a moment: it’s summertime…Saturday morning. You sit at your table, drinking coffee and smiling at the sunshine cascading into your kitchen through your brand new (and oh-so-beautiful) patio doors.

Can you see it? The doors, I mean. Those beautiful, coveted patio doors you’ve been dreaming of since you moved into your home.

Reality: you sit at your table, scowling at your coffee in the dimly lit kitchen, facing the wall, where there should be a patio door to your yard or deck. Or perhaps you scowl at the ugly, outdated, tiny patio door for which you settled years ago.

Apologies for the drama; but, isn’t this how we feel about our homes when we look around and see the shortcuts we (or the previous owners/builders) took when the structure was new? Perhaps budget constraints guided construction. That’s okay! Clear Concepts Window & Door knows precisely how to make your dreams become reality. In fact, we have been in this business, serving the San Diego and surrounding areas for nearly 30 years. We understand patio doors.

Our team of professionals will happily help you choose from double French, old factory, sliding, bi-fold, and skyline patio door styles. Here is a brief description of each:

Double French: For the country-style homeowners. These are classic and have been a popular choice for decades. These doors usually have a lot of detail: crown molding or intricate designs. Double French patio doors have less visibility than other options, but beautiful and homey. Outward open.

Old Factory: For the artsy type. Does your home have a rustic, industrial, or eclectic feel? These are absolutely stunning and style-appropriate for the eccentric and bold. These doors open outward like French patio doors but are more simplistic, incorporating large panes and iron metal work. High visibility.

Sliding: For smaller spaces and budgets. These have nearly complete visibility (due to their lack of detail) and will fit in tighter spaces. Per the name, sliding patio doors open on a track, rather than swinging outward on a hinge. This means there is only space for one person to pass through the door at a time. Less grand, but a very popular and practical option.

Bi-fold: For big families, entertainers, and outdoorsy types. These create a “doorway wall” by providing doors which fold back rather than slide or swing open on hinges. Do you have extra wall space? Would you love to feel connected to your yard while you sip your morning coffee? Many San Diego homeowners are raving about their improved space, as bi-fold patio doors allow the divide between kitchen and porch or living room and backyard to feel united.

Skyline: For the magnificence lovers. This door wows you with its high-reaching glass and “observatory.” Think 5-star hotel rooms over the ocean. Breathtaking, right?

Can you see it? Your new San Diego, CA patio doors await you—call our team today and let’s get started making your dream a reality!

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