Energy Efficient Windows Are A Must

We hear these things all the time: be responsible, save money, be kind to the environment, reduce your impact on the air quality around us, etc. These mantras can feel redundant, but to be fair, we do not always pay attention. We are American. We spend frivolously and often pay little mind to the cause-and-effect of our lifestyles. Don’t get me wrong—Southern Californians are some of the most frugal, environmentally-friendly creatures on the planet. We lead the way and we are proud of it! Though, have we considered how our homes may be affecting our wallets and environment?

At Clear Concepts Window & Door, San Diego is home. We want the best for our community and the air we breathe. We have spent decades committed to saving your family money in in electricity costs and protecting the environment from unnecessary air pollutants.

How? Our company offers only the most up-to-date and technologically-sound products, geared toward sealing out the elements and sealing in your air conditioning and heating. Our San Diego energy efficient windows keep utility bills down and HVAC systems working no harder than needed.

What exactly is an energy efficient window?
Glad you asked. This term is a broad definition for any window designed to lower your utility bill and impact on the environment around you. All windows can be checked against the National Fenestration Rating Council’s scale of measured energy performance. NFRC is a non-profit created to keep consumers educated on the best quality windows doors and skylights.  At Clear Concepts Window & Door, we only offer energy-efficient windows. So please check ours against the NFRC’s scale and see for yourself what quality you can expect from us!

What if I’m not ready for a total window replacement?
That’s okay! There are options available for homeowners looking to make their current windows more energy efficient. Give us a call and we will gladly meet with you and help you develop a plan that is right for you. Ultimately, short-term measures such as caulking and replacing weather stripping will not last; but we can help you with suggestions and a timeline until you are ready to discuss energy efficient window replacements.

Do not forgo style!
After all, we do reside in California; land of personality and style! Luckily, the various window options we offer are various definitions of beauty and class. Clear Concepts Window & Door has something for everyone. If you want a home with 21st-Century energy efficiency, but early 20th-century charm—we have windows for you. If you want to save on your utility bills while maintaining a chic, modern home—we know just what to do. And, if you want to help the environment with luxurious or statement pieces—we have great options for you.

Remember, you do not have to sacrifice beauty in order to be Earth-friendly and save money throughout the year. Our team are the most friendly, professional, and knowledgeable experts with whom you will ever work. Call us for a free in-home estimate!

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