Double Pane Windows—Are These Worth It?

As residents in San Diego, CA, many of us do not consider the type of windows we should or should not use for our homes. Why would we? San Diego is, after all, mild-mannered in the weather department. Double pane windows do seem perfect for the North—those poor people need to stay warm! Not to mention, double pane windows are a relatively new concept often associated with cold-weather regions—therefore inapplicable to San Diego homes. Right?

NOTE: double paned windows are not solely for colder regions!

This is a common misconception. In fact, many Southern California homeowners are choosing this window option for several reasons. In fact, our team at Clear Concepts Window & Door is excited to offer double pane windows in San Diego, CA and has outlined the below benefits for your family. We hope you will consider this advantageous option for your home!

Benefit: $$$ Savings!
Did you know that homes with double pane windows can save you noticeable amounts of cash on your utility bills? Imagine your air conditioning working significantly less to keep your house cool during our warm months and all the savings this will provide over the year. You stand to save as much as 15% on your air conditioning and heating bills all year long. Do the math—it adds up!

Benefit: Environmentally-Friendly!
Reducing our energy costs is not only about saving money—these windows actually allow us to burn less fossil fuel and release less greenhouse gas emissions. How’s that for “Going Green?” Californians are known for the hearts we have for our environment—Clear Concepts loves being part of this positive movement!

Benefit: Air Quality Safety!
These windows serve our families while indoors, as well. If you have lived in the San Diego area for any amount of time, you know we experience air-quality warnings periodically due to smog, fire smoke, etc. Double pane windows provide a necessary barrier to keep our inside breathing air cleaner.

Benefit: Noise Control!
Do you live near the noisiest neighbor on the block? What about near a school or concert venue or a hospital? San Diego is noisy! But it does not have to be noisy in your home. Not only will double pane windows keep the unfavorable temperatures out, but they provide an added sound barrier as well. More sleep, more peace, less noise!

For nearly 30 years, our team of window experts has been serving San Diego and the surrounding areas. We know the people, the weather, and the needs of our clients. We want only the best for your family and look forward to working with you. Energy costs and air quality are our concern as much as they are yours. We can’t wait to help you save money in the long run and improve your quality of life at home! Feel free to call us anytime or come in for a visit of our show room Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm. See you soon!

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