Top 5 Signs You Need Replacement Windows

Windows are a prominent feature in your home. Keeping them in working order should only take basic maintenance and minor repair. However, if you own an older home in San Diego, CA with older windows, the upkeep might go beyond the usual repairs. Your windows might also be inefficient and no longer match your taste. But how do you know for sure if it is time for replacement windows? Truth is, windows are particularly communicative. At Clear Concepts we are especially apt at hearing what they have to say. The condition will give you clues about when it is time for window replacement. Here are the signs we typically watch for.

1. Difficult Operation

Does your window get stuck or take an inordinate amount of strength to open? This can be frustrating, but can also cause problems during an emergency. Windows should open, close, and lock fluidly, with little effort. Anything besides easy operation means your windows are getting too old and require replacement.

2. Condensation

Fog and condensation are telling you it is time for replacement. Your windows should not have any air or water leaks. This indicates a seal failure and your window is compromised. These leaks can lead to ice formation, which could exacerbate the problem.

3. Hot and Cold Transfer

They also shouldn’t allow any indoor or outdoor heat transfer. Sitting next to these windows you can feel the heat exchange between inside and out. This means you are sending energy expenses out the window. Old windows, especially single pain, lack the insulating technology of modern installations. With replacement windows you can increase insulation and cut down on unwanted heat transfer. You stay comfortable, while also cutting down on your energy expenses.

4. Noisy Neighbors

Breaks in the seals or lack of insulation also makes your windows noisier. With modern windows you will not hear a lot of outside noise, even if you live next to the San Diego Airport. No residential window is completely soundproof. However with added mass, air space between panes, and certain glazes, new windows can block up to 95% of noise.

5. Damaged, Warped, or Rotted

Windows, especially those with wood frames, take a beating over the years. Exposure to weather, sun, pests, and moisture will break them down. Check the glass and frame condition on your current windows. Notice anything unusual? You should not see any fissures in the glass or cracks in the framing. You also should not see daylight around the outside perimeter of the window framing. There shouldn’t be any warping, softness, or discoloration either. Not only are worn out windows unsightly, but they can also be a danger to your family.

If your old windows are showing any or all of the above conditions, it is time for replacement windows. Feel free to visit our storefront at 7525 Mission Gorge Rd. Suite G, San Diego, CA 92120. Or call our office at (619) 583-7171. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and address your concerns. San Diego replacement windows are an investment up front, but well worth it if you are tired of dealing with old windows.


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