6 Signs you Need to Replace Sliding Patio Doors

Your patio doors create a smooth transition from your indoor to outdoor living space in San Diego, CA. These doors also keep your home comfortable, dry, and protected. But what happens when these doors are not in top shape and stop performing as they should? They might leak, become difficult to operate, or decease security. The impact on your living space could be significant and you don’t want to put off replacement.

1. Creaky and Squeaky

One of the most common problems with sliding doors is odd noises. You should not hear squeaking, grinding, or scratching. The doors should glide freely with very little sound. In most cases all you need to do is clean the track and remove any debris or obstructions that might be causing the noise. You can also lubricate wheels to keep them working properly. However, if a rock or small toy scratches up the track or breaks the wheels, replacement might be the better option.

2. Leaks, Drafts, and Moisture

Drafty rooms and water leaks mean the sliding door no longer seals properly. Also, you should never see any moisture trapped between the panes or on the inside of glass. If both air and water leaks are common it should be no surprise that you need new patio doors.

3. High Energy Costs

It is common knowledge that replacement windows can cut down on energy costs. But if you want to save even more, then you should also consider replacing your old sliding patio doors. Infecting doors can be a huge energy drain. If you have to keep turning up the air condition in warmer months, you might want to check the condition of your patio doors. You should not be able to see any gaps between glass doors or the door and frame.

4. Difficult Operation

Is your door difficult to open and close? There are several reasons why this happens. Dirty tracks, misalignment of the wheels, door not mounted properly in the frame, and broken wheels are some of the most common problems. You might also have contraction or expansion of the frame or uneven settling of your walls. Some of the minor problems can be corrected with cleaning or replacement parts. However, for larger problems, it might be wise replace your entire patio door.

5. Compromised Security

One main functions of a sliding patio door is protection. Not only does it need to withstand harsh weather and natural elements, but also needs to prevent intrusion. Faulty latches and doors falling off the tracks are common targets for break ins. Don’t get caught unawares. Update patio doors to prevent this type of unnecessary risk.

6. Outdated Style

Last, but not least, the look of your old sliding doors might not match your tastes. This is often true of old, aluminum style sliding doors. These doors chip, warp, rust, and can make a space look completely outdated. You would be amazed what updated patio doors can do to improve the look and feel of your space.

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