What You Should Know Prior to Replacing your Windows

Whether your last window cracked, warped, or simply no longer fits the style of your home, you may find yourself shopping for window replacements and not knowing where to begin. Many San Diego homeowners have chosen to purchase replacement windows in order to reduce their energy use, update the look of their home and add on to its resale value.  However, the wide variety of window options out there can make the whole process feel overwhelming.

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Here we will break down some of the options you will face and offer you some pros and cons so you can better find the right option for your home.

Types of Frames

The first (and possibly largest) choice to make when buying new frames is deciding which material to choose from. Remember, you will have to take into account the durability, energy efficiency, and cost efficiency of each option to make the best decision.

  • Fiberglass Frames-

Fiberglass frames are fairly stable and can provide quality insulation. Their air cavities give them a higher thermal performance making them a very energy efficient option.

  • Vinyl Frames-

By far the most popular and affordable frame option, vinyl frames are typically made of polyvinyl chloride with ultraviolet light stabilizers. This helps keep the sunlight from breaking down the material found in window. Vinyl frames are also considered a low maintenance option as they do not require any any painting or up keep.

  • Wood Frames-

Often found in older homes Wood frames offer a classic, more traditional look for your home.  However, wood frames have a tendency to extract and expand according to weather conditions. In addition, wood frames often peel or warp, which means they require regular maintenance.

  • Metal Frames-

Metal frames are light, durable and require virtually no maintenance. However, the frames conduct heat very quickly making them a poor choice in warmer climate locations.

Choosing Glass Style:

The thickness, style, and glazing of your windows are also very important particularly when it comes to noise reduction and insulation. Consider the following options when deciding the type of glass you want in your windows.

  • Heat Absorbing Tints

You can greatly reduce the amount of heat that enter your room by choosing to glaze your windows with heat absorbing tints. The tints cause the color of the glass to change, absorbing more UV rays and reducing the amount of solar heat that enters your home.

  • Insulated Glazing

Depending on the temperature in your area, you may want to look into double glazing your windows. Double glazing keeps your home better insulated and can greatly decrease the noise in your home.

  • Reflective Coating

If one of your windows is in direct light, it is worth considering reflective coating. The coating reduces solar radiation and blocks light, meaning less heat entering your home. This also reduces the glare or damaging light that enters your home and effects fabrics over time.

With so many options to choose from, why not contact a window specialist at Clear Concepts Window & Door.  We would be delighted to introduce you to our high quality windows and help you determine the best options for your home.


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