Considering Replacement Windows for Your San Diego Home?

The prospect of getting replacement windows for your home in San Diego can seem a little overwhelming at first. After all, there are so many decisions to be made and so many options available. What are some of the main reasons you should consider replacement windows in San Diego? Rising energy costs is one of the biggest reasons that more and more homeowners have started to get replacement windows. Old, single-pane aluminum windows can really keep a house cold during the winter. During summer, the exact opposite happens, when the windows heat your house up so that it’s uncomfortably hot. In addition, if you have old windows, they may no longer operate properly. Old windows may have developed rot, or even worse, mold, which can be a hazard to you and your family’s health. However, today’s windows are so efficient that they can provide you with greater comfort, better performance, and more energy savings than ever before.

Options for replacement windows

When you choose Clear Concepts Window and Door for your replacement windows project, rest assured that you will be getting nothing but the finest materials and the best quality. We offer you replacement windows in a wide variety of materials including vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum. We feel confident that any one of these materials will offer you the perfect solution for your replacement windows needs.


Vinyl is the top choice of many San Diego homeowners for their replacement windows because vinyl is extremely energy efficient. Vinyl also requires nearly zero maintenance and this is just one of many reasons why vinyl is such a cost-effective option. Our windows come with a manufacturer lifetime guarantee, including labor and parts. You will have no trouble finding a color to complement your home’s décor, because our vinyl windows are available in a variety of different colors.


Another popular choice for replacement window material in San Diego is fiberglass. In general, fiberglass replacement windows are higher priced than vinyl, but they are also very low-maintenance. Unlike vinyl, fiberglass windows can be painted if you want to paint your home a different color down the road. Fiberglass is the choice of many people because of its durable, long-lasting nature. Best of all, fiberglass can have all the rich appearance of real wood, but not the tedious maintenance requirements.


Aluminum windows are a great fit for San Diego’s clean, contemporary architecture. While it’s true that aluminum replacement windows don’t have quite as good energy efficiency as their vinyl and fiberglass counterparts, they still offer performance upgrades when replacing old, single-pane windows. Aluminum windows from Clear Concepts Window & Door are offered with a lifetime warranty, and they come in many different styles and colors.

Clear Concepts Window & Door is one of the area’s most trusted window replacement professionals in San Diego. Since 1989 we have provided San Diego residents with the best in customer service and window installations. Give us a call today and see how we can assist you with your replacement windows project!

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