Questions to Consider When Buying Replacement Windows for your San Diego Home

Window Replacement San DiegoThe process of window replacement can often become quite the headache, particularly if you don’t know much about windows to begin with. Still, every day you procrastinate on getting an old or broken window replaced is another day you lose money. Particularly during the hot summer months in San Diego, homeowners lose hundreds of dollars by having their air conditioning leak out of windows that are not well sealed. For this reason, many people are deciding to look into window replacement. To help simplify the process, we have gathered several questions for you to ask yourself when it’s time to replace those old windows.

1)      What type of weather does my location usually have?

San Diego has a more moderate climate.  Summers are warm and winters are mild.  The insulating benefits of double paned windows are still the smartest choice from an energy efficiency stand point.

2)      Are we in direct sun?

Is your home fairly shady or do you receive lots of light? Having too much sun come into the house not only makes the house feel much warmer, but can also discolor hard wood floors and fabric on your furniture over time. If certain windows in your house seem to be letting in a bit too much light, consider buying windows with advanced UV protection.

3)      How long have the frames been in my current home?

Vintage homes are beautiful, but the frames are often not compatible with newer window fixtures. Time and weather can also cause the wood in these frames to warp and create a draft. Consider how long your window frames have been in place and ask the professional team at Clear Concept Window & Door if it’s time to replace these windows with new, more efficient designs.

4)      What material of window should I use?

Windows come in wood, fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum. They each hold their own pros and cons. It’s important to consider your budget when choosing which material to go with, above the four materials listed above vinyl is the most common and affordable choice.

5)      What style or shape am I looking for?

Finally, you want to consider the look and feel of your home and decide which style window is right for you. Casement windows can often be pricey, but have a clean polished look and bring more natural light into your home. A variety of exterior architectural geometric shapes choices allows you to add some originality and contrasting elements to your homes design. Finally, you always have the option to customize your window by deciding what kind of grids, hardware, or colored glass will be used.

Replacing windows is not a cheap process, so make sure that your final choice is well researched and is the right decision for your home. Visit Clear Concepts Window & Door today, we will help you with all your window replacement needs in San Diego.


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