Should You Invest in Double Pane Windows for Your San Diego Home?

Heating and cooling is an expensive business. Even homeowners in temperate climates have to contend with rising energy costs and the burden of unpredictable weather – two factors that impact monthly utility costs more and more every year. Double pane windows might seem counter-intuitive in a warm climate, but overlooking the potential energy savings they offer would be a big mistake for San Diego homeowners. That’s because double pane technology is proven to reduce utility costs in homes across the board, whether the winter chill is creeping in or the summer sun is heating up.

What Is Double Pane Technology?

Double paned windows are pretty much exactly what they sound like – the design incorporates two panes of glass rather than the traditional single pane for maximum insulation. A pocket of air between the panes acts as a barrier that discourages heat transfer, one of the major contributing factors to inefficient temperature control within homes. Double pane windows are implemented in several different styles of houses, and they do a good job of keeping indoor environments regulated despite harsh outdoor elements.

Why Should You Consider Double Pane?

Double pane windows offer a host of positive side effects, which is why so many homeowners choose to invest in the long-term stability and security of this technology:

  1. Increase Monthly Savings. Double pane windows are a great way to save money over time. In the summer, many homeowners don’t even realize the impact that sunlight and exterior heat have on overall indoor temperature control. Sure your house might feel cool, but the air conditioner has to work harder than ever to battle incoming heat that transfers from outside your home, through your single pane windows, and into the living space. That means you pay more for the same experience due to a lack of protection from single pane windows.
  2. Reduce Carbon Footprint. As you improve the energy efficiency of your home you’ll notice that the financial impact is pretty great – but there’s another important factor you’re forgetting! In the process of saving money and improving your monthly budget, you’ll also be doing the environment a favor and reducing unnecessary energy waste. This could qualify your installation costs for tax incentive coverage.
  3. Add Value To Your Home. Going forward, double pane windows are likely to become standard. Not only do they offer better operating costs to homeowners, they also improve the energy efficiency of homes for long-term sustainability. By making updates that can be used to incentivize your home more securely in the future, you’re almost guaranteed to make a profit if you sell your house. And even if you don’t, the double pane windows eventually pay for themselves in the amount of money you save each month on more efficient heating and cooling costs.
  4. Silence Is Golden. Double pane windows also improve the living experience by reducing outdoor noise and cutting down ongeneral noise pollution from traffic and neighbors. When there’s a loud party next door, or tons of cars zooming up and down your block on weeknights, the reduction in unwanted interruptions can be invaluable. As they say, silence is golden!

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