Do You Need Patio Doors in San Diego?

There’s nothing like sliding your patio door open and entering a relaxing backyard oasis. San Diego summers are full of warm weather magic that you shouldn’t miss out on and many homeowners know firsthand that a patio door is the perfect entryway between your interior living space and your outdoor retreat. So what’s holding you back?

If you’ve never had a patio door professionally installed, it might seem like a big undertaking. Likewise, if your current patio door is in need of critical updates, it might be tempting to procrastinate, write this chore off as a luxury you can’t afford, and keep dealing with you inefficient fixture for the time being. Whether you’re still on the fence about a new patio door or you’ve never even considered it – here’s the top benefits to incorporating a new sliding patio door into your home sooner rather than later:

  1. A Classic Style. Sliding glass doors add elegance and fluidity to any home. They are a beautiful addition no matter what kind of space you have and, they are incredibly efficient as well. Unlike traditional doors that require a certain amount of space to function, sliding doors can make a tight space seem bigger, move foot traffic easily in and out of the room, and open up a place that previously felt closed off and dim.
  2. Efficiency and Temperature Control. Sliding glass doors offer cross-ventilation opportunities that traditional doors and windows don’t really achieve. Thanks to weather-stripping and insulation technology, sliding glass doors are more reliable than ever. In the winter, you don’t have to worry about compromising the comfort of your home. And in other seasons, you give your home and family easy access to the yard, garden, pool, or patio area that so many Californians prioritize.
  3. Block Harmful UV Rays. In the summertime, you’ll see glorious San Diego sunshine streaming in, radiating throughout your living space, and adding considerable value to your home. But you won’t have to compromise comfort or safety in the process. Some patio doors allow harmful UV rays to enter your living space, fading furniture or threatening the stain on expensive floors. These doors can also be an unwanted heat source that completely compromises your temperature control efficiency.  Make sure you talk to an experienced patio door technician to get a product with glass that is specially treated for superior energy efficiency.
  4. A Door for All Seasons. If you’re like many people, the sliding patio door is something you picture in beach houses or vacation retreats – too luxurious for everyday life. Don’t let this common misconception limit your experience. While it might seem unusual to some homeowners, the patio door is extremely versatile and offers different benefits all year round. From the energy efficiency, to upfront affordability, to the investment in your home’s overall value, patio doors are smart fixture that fit most styles of home.

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