Installing Patio Doors For Your San Diego Home

Do you need to replace your old, sticking or foggy patio doors? Or perhaps you are just in the process of upgrading the performance and appearance of your home. Whatever your reason for installing patio doors in San Diego, you want to ensure that you are making the most of this significant investment. Many homeowners put a lot of time and effort into planning the replacement of the front door of their home, but selecting the right patio door has an equally significant effect on both the inside and the outside appearance of your home.

San Diego Patio Doors Installation

Patio doors have the power to dramatically change the atmosphere of a room by improving airflow, letting in more light, and creating a sense of space. Patio doors enhance views of the outside and create an inviting pathway to outdoor decks, patios, and gardens. What’s more, they can actually increase the value of your home through long-term warranties, unique energy efficiency features, and enhancing the overall appearance of your house. The number of feature options available for patio doors is remarkable, from multiple locks, extra-strong frames, and models with pet doors, to internal dust-free blinds which control privacy and light, and vinyl grids which are designed to look like window panes.

Types of Doors

There are two main types of patio doors: Sliding and hinged. Sliding doors are ideal for homes with limited space, and they offer straight, minimal lines that lend a contemporary vibe to a room. Sliding doors maximize the space for access and light and facilitate greater air movement within a room. French doors (also known as hinged doors) are known for their classic, sophisticated lines and they typically feature one or more panels, one of which (at least) swings in or out. French doors include decorative features like arched tops and grilles of varying patterns ranging from simple to more complex. French doors work well in areas with high winds because the more the wind blows against them, the tighter the seal they create against the jamb.


Each material for patio doors comes with a unique combination of benefits. Wood offers a large variety and number of glass options. Vinyl provides superior energy efficiency, reduced upkeep, long-term warranties and plenty of decorative glass options, including Low-E. Aluminum is resistant to mildew and withstands weather well. Steel resists rot and is durable and strong. Steel is shrink-resistant and resistant to warping. Fiberglass is dent-resistant and available in a variety of textures.

Most breaking and entering is done at the back of the house, where patio doors are typically found, and therefore, they should be chosen with security as a top priority. French and sliding patio doors can be made more secure by selecting units with dual locking implements. As for sliding doors, which can be lifted from their tracks, they can be more firmly secured by adding bolts through the door or using a security bar with a device that locks.

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