Energy Efficient Windows in San Diego

Few things enhance the curb appeal of your San Diego home more than new windows. And when you choose energy-efficient windows, you will enjoy the additional perk of significant energy savings each year.

Energy Efficient Windows San Diego CA

None of us can deny that replacing your windows involves many steps and decisions, from what features you choose to the exact type of windows you need.  It can be easy to get overwhelmed. With this list of tips and tricks, however, choosing the most energy efficient windows will be less of a headache and more of a breeze.

The aspects of energy efficient windows that most deserve your attention are sashes and frames, weather stripping, insulated glass seals, and, of course, the local San Diego structural integrity requirements. In regards to the design of energy efficient windows, there are many kinds to choose from, including awning, picture, casement, double, and single-hung windows. Each design type will perform differently in different climates, so it’s important that you choose the window design that is the best choice for your San Diego home.

Windows are the place in your house where the most air escapes and enters.  And, if you have poorly insulated windows, you will see that reflected in your utility costs. Particularly, keep casement windows in mind.  They open and close by an easy-to-use crank and can be opened up to 90 degrees from your home.  This lets a greater amount of airflow into your home resulting in excellent ventilation. Casement windows have only a single panel of glass, so in addition to maximum amounts of fresh air, they let in vast amounts of sunlight so you can enjoy the beautiful San Diego climate even while you’re indoors. Any design you choose should have insulated glass, and fusion-welded corners.

Always remember that a deluxe price tag doesn’t always mean deluxe performance. Despite what some homeowners may think, windows are not always priced to reflect performance and quality.  You need to do window research accordingly and take care when considering the price of energy efficient windows. It is true that many high-end brands do, in fact, offer great replacement windows.  But, there is a treasure trove of more cost effective options waiting for you.

Let’s take the focus off the price tag, and instead, consider the different energy ratings. Some of the ratings that you should pay attention to are the U-factor, and the SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient). When it comes to the U-factor, (U-value), the lower the rating, the better the window will be at keeping your warm or cool conditioned air inside. The SHCG measures solar heat and lower numbers always indicate better performance for energy efficient windows.

The benefits of energy efficient windows for your San Diego home cannot be denied. Visit or contact Clear Concepts Window & Door to learn more about the energy efficient options available to you.  Our team of experts can help you evaluate the options and choose the best energy efficient windows for your home.


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