Choosing The Best Replacement Windows For Your San Diego Home

San Diego CA Replacement Windows

If you are reading this, chances are you are seriously considering getting replacement windows for your San Diego home. Replacement windows improve your home in so many ways, not only regarding the comfort and appearance, but also the performance.  You will be amazed to see the differences once you get your new windows installed. Replacement windows in San Diego are available in a huge array of choices, including shape, size, style and material, so how do you ensure that you select the right ones? This guide will highlight some of the things you need to consider to make sure that you choose the best possible replacement windows for your San Diego for your home.

Windows can be either operable or fixed. Fixed windows are units attached inside the frame, that do not open or close. They are ideal for letting in light and exposing views, but do not provide ventilation. The most aesthetically pleasing fixed windows include half-circle, ellipse, or octagonal windows. Operable windows allow for the most airflow and ventilation while still providing unobstructed views.  And, they come equipped with hardware for opening and closing the sash, as well as, implements for latching and securing.

Sliding Windows

This type of window is excellent at holding cool or warm air inside your home. Sliding windows come with one or more set panels as well as one or more panels that move inside horizontal tracks.  This allows for half of the window to be opened at once.

Double Hung Windows

These windows include an external sash at the top which glides down and an internal sash at the bottom that slides up. Certain double hung windows include sashes that can be removed, rotated or angled for easy cleaning. Keep in mind that if the window has only a single sliding sash, the window is not a double hung, but a single hung window.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are hung either in sets or individually and are opened and closed by cranks.  This makes them exceptionally easy to clean. When opened, casement windows are excellent at catching breezes and bringing them indoors so they provide very good ventilation.  Casement windows are currently the most popular windows for high end homes.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are a type of fixed window that afford excellent unobstructed views and a nice amount of sunlight, but remember they provide no ventilation since they cannot be opened or closed.

Window Materials

Window materials used today include wood, vinyl, aluminum, or a blend of these components. Wood is the choice of traditionalists, but it is prone to rot and has high maintenance demands like regular painting and staining. Vinyl windows are designed with highly advanced polyvinyl chloride (known as PVC) which is highly resistant to moisture and heat loss. Vinyl windows are low maintenance and prove durable and weather-resistant. Aluminum windows are longer-lasting than wood and equipped with superior insulation, but they can be pricey.

Your new San Diego replacement windows will improve the appearance and comfort of your home in so many ways, as well as significantly reduce your heating and cooling bills, so what are you waiting for?  Contact Clear Concepts Window & Door today!  Our expert team would be delighted to serve you!


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