Vinyl Windows for your San Diego Home

Vinyl Windows San Diego CA

Do your old San Diego windows make your home look worn out and tired? While there are small upgrades that can improve the appearance of your house, most San Diego homeowners agree that the single, best thing you can do for your home to upgrade both appearance and performance is to install replacement vinyl windows. Why vinyl windows? Many homes, (especially older ones) still have wood windows, and although they are still a prominent option, they are just not the best option out there anymore. Vinyl window technology has advanced in giant strides even in the past 10 years, and there is a reason why vinyl windows are the most popular options on the market today. Installing replacement vinyl windows in San Diego will give you the peace of mind knowing that you can depend on your windows for superior performance and real energy savings for years to come.

While windows come in numerous shapes, sizes, styles and materials, how do you go about choosing the right ones? In order to avoid the headache that can come from choosing replacement windows and instead get a head start, you must think about several important factors. These include how important safety, ventilation, and energy efficiency are for you, and how much time and money you are willing to spend on maintenance.

Vinyl windows were first introduced to North America in the early 1950’s, and since then vinyl has done nothing but improve its structural properties and design flexibility. Today vinyl windows account for 67% of all conventional windows sold to homeowners in the U.S.A.  Wood windows can easily warp, crack or rot, creating gaps in the frame.  But, newer and more advanced materials like vinyl are able to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Vinyl windows in offer homeowners everything they desire in a window, including energy efficiency, low cost, and no-stress maintenance.

Vinyl windows are designed to conserve energy, and with fusion-welded frames and sash corners, they offer maximum durability and protection against air and water penetration. In fact, vinyl windows are so durable that the vast majority of those installed during the past 25 years are still being used by happy homeowners all over the United States.

Vinyl windows are impervious to nearly all the issues that affect wood windows, such as corrosion, rot, blistering, flaking and pest infestation, and better yet, the maintenance required is simply an occasional scrub down with soap and water.

New vinyl windows can do wonders to improve the aesthetics of your San Diego home as well as increase the amount of light that comes into your house. Nobody likes old windows that are dim and decrease the flow of light, and when you install replacement vinyl windows, you will be amazed at the difference in your home. Visit Clear Concept Window & Door today, to see how vinyl windows in San Diego will not only upgrade the comfort, performance, and look of your home, but put your hard-earned money back where it belongs, in your wallet.


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