Replacement Windows in San Diego

Windows Replacement San Diego CA

If you are in the process of selecting replacement windows in San Diego, it’s beneficial to first evaluate the proper steps involved in the process. This will ensure that your home improvement project is much easier on both you and your wallet.

Step #1 Assess your Current Windows

If you can’t identify which characteristics of your windows don’t work for you, how will you be able to determine which ones do? Most new windows on the market have labels indicating their energy efficiency, but such information is not often included with existing windows. Since window technology has advanced considerably in the past decade, it is safe to assume that your old windows just can’t compare to the modern replacement windows in available on the market today.

Step #2 Look for Energy Star Windows

Any windows that you purchase must meet the codes applicable to San Diego requirements. Energy Star is a U.S. voluntary program of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) established in 1992 under the Clean Air Act. The Energy Star program assists both individuals and businesses in saving money and protecting our environment through superior energy efficiency. Windows with Energy Star certification must meet or exceed energy code requirements.

Step #3 Find the NFRC Label’s Energy Efficiency Properties

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) label verifies a window’s energy code compliance. The NFRC label displays the energy efficiency properties of the window as a whole and appears on all products which are Energy Star certified.  So, you can count on it as a reliable means of determining a particular window’s energy properties when you are comparing one window to another.

Step #4 Compare Annual Energy Costs of your Current House to the Energy Costs of your House with Replacement Windows

When you take the time to do a direct comparison of your home with its current windows and your home with replacement windows in San Diego, it will become clear how much savings you will actually see when you install new windows. Use a computer simulation program, such as RESFEN to compare window performance options. This program calculates performance based on utility costs for the San Diego climate and home and window design options.

Step #5 Select a Durable Window Product

Ensuring the workmanship and design of a product is vital and will result in durable windows for your specific San Diego needs. Window warranties are an excellent gauge of the reliability of both the window and the manufacturer. The aspects of a window that you should pay attention to are the sashes and frames, weather stripping, insulating glass seals, and the structural requirements for replacement windows.

Step #6 Guarantee Proper Installation

Ensuring a fit that is airtight and waterproof is important to achieving optimal window performance. This is why attempting to install windows by yourself is never recommended. A professional installation team, like Clear Concepts Window & Door has the benefit of years of experience and will ensure that your replacement windows will live up to your expectations.


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