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Patio Doors San Diego CA

Your home’s patio doors bring the indoors and outdoors together.  They provide convenient access to your outdoor living space as well as panoramic views to enjoy from inside.  The open space allows natural light to freely enter your home.  If you are considering new patio doors for your San Diego home, it is important to learn about the various options available.  Following are a few things to keep in mind while doing your research.

Style Options

There are three main styles of patio doors. San Diego sliding patio doors are the most popular choice because they are low maintenance and provide beautiful natural lighting. Another benefit of sliding patio doors is that they slide parallel to the wall.  This allows for maximum use of floor space inside and out.  Swinging patio doors function similar to sliding doors except they open by swinging on hinges inward or outward.  Swinging doors offer wide, gorgeous views and easy access. The third option is folding patio doors, which conveniently fold up on themselves like an accordion. These doors provide uninterrupted sightlines and can be opened to bring your indoor and outdoor living spaces together. 

Choose a Material

There are many material options to choose from for replacement windows. Some choices include fiberglass, aluminum, wood and vinyl.  Each material offers a different set of benefits.

  • Fiberglass is strong and durable. It is low maintenance and can be painted for added curb appeal.
  • Aluminum offers a durable, slim profile. The strength and unique feel of aluminum has made it a timeless option.
  • Wood is appreciated for its timeless beauty. The traditional warmth of wood is difficult to duplicate with any other material.
  • Vinyl is the most energy efficient option.  It will not rot, blister, warp, or peel, making it virtually maintenance free. Vinyl is also a more affordable, cost effective option.

Make Energy-Efficiency a Priority

When you are selecting new patio doors in San Diego, it is wise to make energy-efficiency a priority. Certain kinds of patio doors will actually pay for themselves by reducing your annual utility expenses. When shopping, you will want to consider U-factor, R-value, Low-e glass, and UV applications. Look for the Energy Star label to ensure your windows have met the highest standards in energy efficiency. 

Consult with Professionals

At Clear Concepts Window & Door we want to help you maximize your home improvement investment. We can help you with your project from start to finish.  Our team of experts can visit your home and help you choose the perfect style and design options to fit your unique needs. Our trained professionals will take meticulous measurements to ensure precision fit and performance. Our skilled installation team will ensure your new patio door is installed seamlessly. We work diligently to ensure your San Diego patio doors installation is done right and on schedule. Give us a call today at (619)583-7171 for a free in-home estimate. Or, visit our showroom at 7525 Mission Gorge Rd. Suite G, San Diego, CA 92120


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