Replacement Windows in San Diego California

When should I get replacement windows? This is a question many home-owners dread asking themselves, but your choice should not be a difficult one. Overtime, just like your appliances, windows get old, wear out, and need to be replaced. Generally, if your home is 15 years old or older, it is a good idea to replace your windows. If your home is newer than that, there are just a few questions you need to ask yourself to decide whether to get replacement windows in San Diego.

Windows Replacement San Diego CA1. Do you have trouble closing or opening your windows? If the answer is yes, this is a good sign that your windows have worn out.

2. Does it seem noisier than it should in your house? If you live on a busy street or near a school or an airport this can be especially true. When you get replacement windows in San Diego with dual panes, you may be surprised to notice a huge difference in the transmission of noise in your home. Who wouldn’t want to increase the peace and quiet in their house?

3. Are you noticing that your carpets and furniture are fading?  Ultraviolet rays can really take a toll on your artwork, drapes, carpet and furniture, and nobody wants that. When you upgrade your old windows to newer, energy-efficient ones the harmful properties of the sun will be greatly reduced. Replacement windows in San Diego feature low E glass which keeps 95% of ultraviolet rays outside and your household items inside safe from fading.

4. Are your windows letting the outside in? Windows are meant to keep the wind, rain and other outside elements out-and if they are failing to do so, they are failing their purpose. Inefficient windows can leak, letting water inside your house both behind the walls and inside the glass, itself. This causes mold and creates further damage to your home. Air can also leak, causing chilly drafts in the winter and hot air in the summer, increasing your utility bills as your heating and cooling system works harder to compensate for the air coming in. The glass may have become loose or the seal between the sash and frame compromised.

Depending on your location, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that home-owners can save over $500 dollars every year simply by replacing old single-pane windows with new energy efficient ones. Window technology has improved significantly in the last 15 years and you now have a lot of energy efficient options for replacement windows in San Diego.

Your home is a huge part of your life, and when you invest in replacement windows in San Diego CA, you will not only improve the performance of your windows, but increase the curb appeal and overall value of your home.

When you are choosing replacement windows in San Diego, look for the U.S. Government’s Energy Star label. Windows that have this label will dramatically increase both your home’s overall beauty and energy efficiency.


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