Creative Patio Doors for San Diego Homes

Your outdoor living space is a beautiful and useful extension of your home, especially here in San Diego where we are blessed with beautiful weather year round. Naturally, you want to make the most of your outdoor space. Therefore, it’s a good idea to really explore your patio door options to fund the best design for you and your home.

San Diego Patio Doors

There are plenty of ways to get creative when it comes to patio doors in San Diego homes. From the basics to elaborate innovations, take all the time you need to choose your patio doors.

The Basics

All good things start with a strong base. There are three basic types of patio doors: French, sliding, and folding. All three of these options have almost limitless design possibilities, but it’s always a good idea to grasp the basics before you set off the beaten path:

  • French Patio Doors –French patio doors are common around the world, not just in San Diego. They incorporate differing amounts of windowpanes and grills for personalized viewing spaces. French patio doors seamlessly transition from the outside to the inside so your space flows nicely. Available in many material options like wood, aluminum and vinyl, French patio doors are always a classic choice.
  • Sliding Patio Doors – The more contemporary standard, sliding patio doors give you easy access to your outdoor space by conveniently sliding the doors in and out of place. Sliding patio doors are very simple in design, and look great with modern and contemporary homes. Pocket sliding patio doors offer even more space as the unused doors hide in built-in wall pockets.
  • Folding Patio Doors – The third basic patio door, the folding patio door, functions like an accordion. The doors’ panels fold onto one another on a track either all the way, or just one panel at a time. You can open a folding patio door as much or as little as you want without sacrificing the look. Boasting a modern aesthetic, folding patio doors are a great choice for industrial or European designs.

Outside the Box

There are, of course, almost endless ways to get creative with patio doors beyond the three basic types. Everything from grills, panels, hardware and tracking can make your patio doors special and unique. Explore the following design ideas for your San Diego home:

  • Hinges – Industrial or antique hinges add interest to patio doors. Hang sliding patio doors from big, accenting hinges. Go minimalistic with unobtrusive, stainless steel hinges. Expose the door’s tracking system for even more modern flair.
  • Corners – The beauty of modern technology allows you to build almost entire glass walls with patio doors. Build your patio doors to go around corners to encircle a pool, dressing area, or end of your deck.

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