Double Pane Windows in San Diego: Yes or No?

San Diego Double Pane Windows

Double pane windows have a lot of positive and negative rumors that follow them around. They are said to save you money and energy, but they are also said to be very expensive and difficult to maintain. Should you choose double pane windows for your San Diego home? It’s a tough question to answer directly. It depends on varying factors, and is often a personal choice. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of double pane windows in San Diego so you can make an educated decision for your home.

Thumbs Up

These days, everyone is all about reducing their footprint on the world and reducing energy use. Double pane windows offer just that, and other benefits, too! These include:

  • Save Cash – Double pane wood or vinyl windows can lower your energy usage by about 24 percent during the winter, and 18 percent in the summer. This dramatic reduction in energy use means you send less money to Con Ed every month, and sleep easier about the polar bears.
  • Going Green – A single-family home uses a dramatic amount of electricity, gas and other natural resources. Heating and cooling takes up most of that usage. Double pane windows are more insulating than single pane, so less heat and cold can escape outside. This keeps your home more comfortable without over working your HVAC system. Double pane windows also reduce heat and cold transference so less heat and cold get in from the outdoors, again increasing your comfort and reducing your energy use.
  • Sound Proofing –Double pane windows can significantly reduce outside noise pollutions. From traffic sounds and yelling neighbors to loud birds and weather, double pane windows block it all.
  • Added Protection – Double pane windows are tougher than single pane, offering you and your family a boost of safety against bad weather or ill-meaning hooligans.

Thumbs Down

Double pane windows have a lot of benefits. However, there are also some negative points to consider:

  • In For One, In For Them All – You can’t buy just one double pane window. If you’re going to make the investment, you need to replace all of your windows. Otherwise, it won’t make as big an impact.
  • Quality Counts – You also can’t buy just any old double pane windows. You need to research and choose high-quality, well-made specimens that will actually provide the promised benefits.
  • Maintenance – Double pane windows tend to last a long time. However, if they break or are damaged there are few ways to repair them. If the seal in your double pane window breaks, you will have to replace the whole unit.

So What Do I Do?

Doing double pane or not in San Diego is your decision. The potential environmental and budgetary benefits are really great, but the initial investment is larger. The best course of action is to do your research and choose the best solution for you and your home.


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