Do You Need Energy Efficient Windows in Your San Diego Home?

Do You Need Energy Efficient Windows in Your San Diego Home?

If you are choosing windows for your home, then it might be tempting to save money by choosing the cheapest windows that are available. Many inexperienced home owners don’t realize how much of an impact the windows can have on the home, and they try to cut corners by choosing cheaper products and lower quality service.

The truth is that you will notice a big difference when you have energy efficient windows installed in your San Diego home. In fact, one of the home’s greatest source of energy loss is often through the windows. Here are a few benefits of these energy efficient windows:

1. Improved Comfort in Your Home

Energy efficient windows can improve the comfort in your home because the temperature is more consistent throughout the room. Have you ever noticed that older windows cause a temperature change when you move closer to the window? Higher quality windows keep the room protected, to reduce the temperature fluctuations throughout the day.

2. Save Money by Reducing Utility Bills

Even though you will have the up-front investment to pay for the window installation, it is possible to save money overall because of the reduced electricity and gas bills. Insulating windows reduce air leakage and protect the temperature of the home, which reduces the amount of time that the HVAC system is running and decreases your bills.

You will notice a difference, because there will be less condensation on the windows. Also, pay attention to the frequency of when the HVAC system is running, and you will see that the heating and cooling system doesn’t have to kick on as frequently in order to maintain the desired temperature.

3. Aesthetic Benefits in the Room

In addition to allowing more natural light in the room, energy efficient windows can also help by protecting your carpet and furniture. Many people love the appearance of natural light because of the aesthetic benefits that are available, but they dislike that the sun causes the furniture and carpets to fade over time.

If you choose the right windows, it is possible to allow the light in without harming the furniture or fabrics in the room. These windows prevent the fading by blocking the UV rays that cause fabric to fade.

4. Improve Home Value

Are you planning to sell your home soon? Upgrading the windows in your home can be a great way to increase the value of the property. Older windows might have a negative impact on the appraisal of your home, but high quality energy efficient windows offer benefits during the appraisal process.

Many home buyers like the idea of buying a home with energy efficient windows, because they know that they will have lower utility bills. So, you can use the windows as a selling feature for the home, to hopefully get a higher price when the home is sold.

Here at Clear Concepts Window & Door, we offer a variety of energy efficient windows in San Diego, and we would love to help you find the right windows for your home. Call us today for a free in-home estimate (619) 583-7171.


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