San Diego Replacement Patio Door Installation

San Diego Replacement Patio Door Installation

San Diego Replacement Patio Door Installation Specialist 

Clear Concepts Window & Door offers a wide variety of
San Diego Replacement Patio Door Installation product selection and styles for your replacement patio door installation.  Serving all of San Diego county, we provide free in-home estimates and offer competitive prices.   With Summer fast approaching and temperatures rising in San Diego, the replacement of your patio door can significantly improve the comfort of your home.  Replacement of your patio door can also make your home more secure and safe.  Often time older patio doors are have single-pane annealed glass and do not comply with San Diego  safety building codes.  Current San Diego building codes in replacement patio doors require tempered safety glass.  Tempered safety glass in replacement patio doors is 4 times stronger than annealed glass.  And, if the glass breaks, it breaks into much smaller “popcorn kernel” size pieces that cause less bodily harm.  Additionally, most replacement patio doors now come standard with multi-point locking systems; adding more security to your home.

Replacement Patio Doors Come In Many Designs and Styles

San Diego Replacement Patio Door Installation Specialist Depending on your needs and home’s decor, Clear Concepts will help you to find a replacement patio door that matches your style and budget.  San Diego homes come in all shapes, sizes, and styles of architecture.  Perhaps your existing patio door would look and function much better as a swinging pair of French doors.  Many of San Diego’s older homes are beautifully designed craftsman-style homes.  A swinging French pair of doors not only compliments this style of architecture, but can also make moving large furniture in and out of the home much easier.  mm_french_sliding_doorIf you don’t have the space for a swinging French patio door, perhaps a French sliding patio door meets your needs.  Constructed with the traditional thicker stiles and rails, sliding french patio doors offer the look of a traditional french door, but function with the convenience of a sliding patio door.
Living in San Diego, we are fortunate to enjoy one of the world’s best climates.  Perhaps you are looking to take advantage of the San Diego’s beautiful weather and incorporate your outdoor and indoor living spaces.   In that case, a multi-slide or bi-fold replacement patio door installation might serve your needs best. Multi-slide replacement patio doors can turn entire walls into one large patio door opening.  The styles of replacement patio doors can really transform your living space; incorporating the outdoors and creating an extension of your home’s living space.

Let the Professionals Help You with Your Replacement Patio Door Installation 

Having served San Diego since 1989, Clear Concepts Window & Door has the knowledge and expertise to help you select and install the replacement patio door that meets your needs, style and budget.  All installation is completed in-house by our AAMA trained installers.  Our sales team is friendly, knowledgeable and happy to help.  We offer free in-home estimates in San Diego.  And, we offer competitive, no pressure estimates.  Call us today 619-583-7171.


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