Premium Custom Colored Vinyl Windows & Patio Doors

Premium Custom Colored Vinyl Windows & Patio Doors

custom color painted vinyl windows

Custom Color Painted Vinyl Windows & Doors

Did you know that vinyl windows and patio doors are now offered in a wide variety of  premium exterior colors?  Well they are! Homeowners now have many different colors to choose from that compliment their style and home’s decor.


custom color painted vinyl windows

A Brief History of Custom Color Painted Vinyl Windows & Patio Doors

Within the last 4-6 years the window and door industry has seen a big push from many of the top manufacturers to offer more color options for vinyl windows and doors.  Traditionally, vinyl windows and doors have been only offered in white and off-white; beige, tan, almond, sand, etc.  Vinyl products have been installed in homes for nearly 25 years, leaving homeowners with very few color options.  In fact, the vinyl window and door industry seemed to mimic Henry Ford’s ideology, “You can have any color you want so long as it is white or off-white.”  This lack of color options has been very frustrating for homeowners and H.O.A.’s.

However, there is a good reason why vinyl windows and doors have only been  manufactured and offered in white and off-white for the past 2 decades.  Originally, many manufacturer’s tried building vinyl windows and doors in an array of different colors.  However, they quickly found out that the darker colored vinyls didn’t perform so well in warmer temperatures.  The darker colored vinyls were absorbing too much heat, and experiencing all kinds of problems; including seal failures, warping, and melted frames.  It didn’t take long for the manufacturers to pull the colored vinyl windows and doors off the shelf.

Additionally, another predominant reason vinyl windows and doors were only manufactured and offered in white or off-white is due to the physical properties of vinyl and the challenges/costs associated with adhering paint to a vinyl surface.  In summary, paint does not adhere or bond well with vinyl.  At the risk of putting you to sleep, I will spare you the physics experiment and details.  If you are really interested, more information on painted vinyl can be found here.

These 2 challenges left manufacturers and homeowners with very few choices; white or off-white.

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way. Colored Vinyl Windows & Doors are Here to Stay!

Albeit 20 years in the making, science and technology have enabled vinyl window and door manufacturers to overcome the challenges of offering colored vinyl products.  For each manufacturer the process is slightly different, but the fundamentals that allow the paint to adhere to vinyl and reflect heat are the two key components of building successful painted vinyl products. MGM, a window and door manufacturer in Hendersonville, TN has put together a video explaining their process here.

Like all newer technologies, there was a bit of a learning curve to go through.  Early attempts to offer painted vinyl windows and doors ended with fading, peeling, and again warping.  Many of the leading window and door manufacturers throughout the United States waited to invest time, money and resources into the technology until they could quantify a successful track record.   Current technologies for proper adhesion and heat deflection has provided the leading manufacturers with the confidence to start mass producing colored vinyl windows and doors.  Most manufacturers now offer at least a 10 year warranty on the finish (color) of vinyl windows and doors.  All things considered, a 10 year warranty on any painted surface exposed to the exterior elements is a pretty safe bet in my book.  custom color painted vinyl windows

As these processes continue to evolve and the technologies continue to improve, I am sure that eventually the manufacturers will offer a lifetime guarantee on the finish.  Most reputable vinyl manufacturers already offer a lifetime warranty on their products, covering all materials and service from defects.  If you are considering colored vinyl windows or patio doors, it is important that you understand the details of the warranty that covers the finish.  You’ll want to make sure that the warranty at least covers the finish for 10 years. This will ensure that the manufacturer has done their research and development and are using products and processes that will last, at least for 10 years.

So have at it!  Now you can enjoy energy efficient  windows and patio doors that provide comfort, security, and compliment your home’s decor.  Gone are the days of  plain old “vanilla” windows!





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