Top 10 Benefits Installing Vinyl Windows San Diego Homes

Clear Concepts Window & Door has come up with our Top 10 benefits of Installing Vinyl Windows in San Diego Homes.

Installing vinyl windows and doors in your San Diego home can have many benefits.  We have distilled this down to our top 10 reasons to replace your old windows with new dual pane, energy efficient beautiful vinyl windows and doors.

  1. Vinyl window and door frames are very low maintenance.  Vinyl windows and doors do not require scraping of old paint, sanding, priming, or painting.  Simply wash with mild soap and warm water.
  2. Vinyl windows and doors insulate much better than steel or aluminum window and door frames.  The physical properties of vinyl, combined with hollow or foam-filled chambered extrusions make vinyl windows and doors much more energy efficient.
  3. Vinyl products typically (not all, but most) are backed by a manufacturer lifetime warranty; including labor and service.  Most other products such as wood, steel, and aluminum have 2-10 year warranty.Benefits Installing Vinyl Windows San Diego Homes
  4. Vinyl windows and doors are typically the most economically priced when compared to alternatives such as fiberglass, wood, or steel.
  5. Vinyl windows and doors now come in a many custom exterior colors.  With the advancement of newer technologies, vinyl windows and doors now come in an array of custom colors sure to satisfy your design and taste.
  6. Vinyl window and door frames are pinch-fusion welded together.  Pinch-fusion welding means that the frames are seamless and are less susceptible to water-intrusion.
  7. Vinyl window and door frames help to dampen and reduce the transference of noise.  I think we can all agree that peace and quiet is a good thing.
  8. Most vinyl windows and doors are made right here in the United States. (Be sure to check!)  Keeping jobs here, at home, is also always a good thing.
  9. Building windows and doors out of vinyl means less trees are being cut down.  Not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint by lowering your energy consumption, but by choosing vinyl windows and doors you might also be saving a rain forest or two.
  10. Unlike metal windows, such as aluminum or steel, vinyl windows and doors will not transfer condensation, or sweat moisture  into your home causing damage to your walls and window treatments.


Benefits Installing Vinyl Windows San Diego Homes

More than Benefits Installing Vinyl Windows San Diego Homes

Over the past 25 years or so, vinyl windows and door have come a long way.  The quality of the PVC has significantly improved; allowing for longer lasting extrusions, color retention, and structural rigidity. Manufacturers now offer custom colors, complimenting any home’s decor.  And, with a 25 year+ track record, manufacturers now have a proven track record, providing the confidence to back their products with a lifetime warranty. Vinyl windows and doors are among the most energy efficient windows and doors and provide the best return on investment. Also, vinyl windows and doors tend to be the most affordable when compared to wood, steel, fiberglass, and even aluminum.

Clear Concepts Window & Door has been in the industry for over two decades.  We have seen first-hand the benefits of installing vinyl windows and doors in San Diego homes.  Having installed over 10,000 windows and doors throughout San Diego homes, we are confident that you will be very pleased with the quality and performance of  today’s vinyl products.


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