So Fresh and So Clean Windows and Doors

Here’s a couple of quick tips that will make your windows and doors clean, fresh, and operate much smoother. You can get rid those old methods of cleaning your windows and doors. Save your vinegar for cooking and pet accidents.  And, keep that Sunday paper for reading and…pet accidents.  By the way, this works for both new and old windows and doors; assuming they are not painted or screwed shut.

For streak-free clean glass you will need these items:

  • A bucket of water
  • Dawn dish soap (whatever your favorite sent is)
  • A squeegee
  • A wash cloth 
  • A dry, lint-free cloth

Now, fill up your bucket with water and add a couple of drops of the Dawn dish soap. Next, get to it and scrub those old dirty windows and doors. Then, squeegee the glass, getting rid of excess water and soap.  Finally, wipe dry with your lint-free cloth.  That’s it! Streak-free, clean glass.  Now get back to reading the Sunday newspaper.

If your windows and doors are a little sticky and have trouble sliding, spray Pledge into the track. Not only will your windows and doors slide much better, but your home will also smell wonderful!

So go ahead. Try these tips out and your windows and doors will be so fresh and so clean!


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